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New products

Counter Flow Wort Chiller Kit

The counter flow wort chiller is a fast way to chill down your wort from boiling to cool with high efficiency. The chiller got copper coil inside, and rubber cover outside. The wort shall flow inside, while the cooling water flow between copper coil and rubber cover on counter flow direction. This design will make the work chill down fast.

Fastferment 30L Conical Fermenter

Made of foodgrade HDPE with conical shape on bottom, and big open on top with screw lid and airlock, which allow you to combine 1st and 2nd fermentation together without siphon to another one. Including 29 pieces of accessories which allow you to fix the fermenter onto a wall, or you can purchase a stand seperately

New 35L Fermentasaurus Conic Fermenter Kit

The new Fermentasaurus 35L conic fermenter kit is new products which can combine fermentaion and carnation your beer in one vessel, and also have choice to serve your beer directly from the fermenter.